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Located in Miami, the law firm of V C W Law, P.A., provides honest, reliable and committed representation for individuals and families across Southern Florida. Attorney Williams has more than a decade of experience in guardianship law and other areas of estate planning. She can help you understand how guardianships work and how to navigate the legal process smoothly and efficiently.

Financial Guardianships For Minor Children

In Florida, the court can grant a guardianship of the person which gives the guardian the authority to exercise, under court supervision, the personal rights that have been removed from the ward by the court and delegated to the guardian. (The personal rights that may be removed from a person and delegated to a guardian include the right to contract, to apply for government benefits, to sue and defend lawsuits, to manage property or to gift or dispose of property, to determine his or her residence, to consent to medical or mental health treatment and to make decisions concerning his or her social environment.) In addition, the court can grant a guardianship of property which allows the guardian to handle the ward’s finances and assets under court supervision. Our law firm maintains a particular focus on creating financial guardianships for minors.

When a minor receives a personal injury settlement, an inheritance or other assets totaling more than $15,000, Florida law requires that a legal guardian be appointed to manage the property or money until the child turns 18. We can assist you with all the details and requirements of being appointed a child’s legal guardian in Florida.

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