25 Estate Planning Tips

You Are About to Learn Specific Ways to Protect Yourself and Avoid Problems and Confusion After the Death of a Loved One

In this special report you will find out what to do if:

  • Your children don’t get along and are going to fight when you die
  • You know nothing about your spouse’s estate or business affairs and you feel left out
  • You have property and you don’t want your new spouse to get it if you die
  • You are marrying a divorced person and are unsure about how they have their life insurance and other things situated
  • You have aging parents who don’t want to talk about their incapacity or death
  • You are separated but not divorced or living together but not married
  • You expect the business you started to take care of your family if you die
  • You want to know if you may be making mistakes or are an “accident waiting to happen” when it comes to planning your estate

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25 Estate Planning Tips to Help You Avoid Legal Nuisances and Nightmares by Vernita C. Williams, Esq.


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